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How do I redeem a Gifted Chatbooks Subscription?
How do I redeem a Gifted Chatbooks Subscription?

Learn how to redeem a Chatbooks Gift a Subscription.

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To redeem a Gifted Subscription, follow these steps:

  • Download the Chatbooks app and create an account.

  • Tap into the Email you received the Gifted Subscription.

  • Tap on "Redeem My Gift"

  • Tap on "Get Started"

  • Follow the in-app prompts to chose a Cover Theme. Click "Continue".

  • Note: Your Subscription will start on the current month. You do have the option to select a previous month as an "add-on" book.

  • Add Shipping information and tap on "Place Order."

Your Subscription is now set up!
If you are trying to redeem your gift using the code instead of the link, you will need to do it from the login screen where it says “redeem a gift”. You will then enter the code on the next screen. Note: it won’t work on the checkout screen.

You can also see how to redeem your Gifted Subscription with these how-to videos for both iOS and Android devices.


How to redeem a Gift a Subscription:


How to redeem a Gift a Subscription

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