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How do I re-authorize my Instagram account to my series?
How do I re-authorize my Instagram account to my series?

This article will show you how to re-authorize your Instagram account to your Series Subscription.

Updated over a week ago

Instagram is a photo source available on your Series Subscription that will automatically pull photos into your Series Chatbook if it is authorized to your Series Subscription. Instagram has Chatbooks re-authorize any private Instagram accounts every 60 days. If your Instagram account needs to be re-authorized to your Series Subscription, please follow these steps:

  • From the Chatbooks' app, tap into your series subscription that you need to reauthorize the Instagram connection on.

  • There, you will see a "You have a disconnected Instagram source" message. Tap on that message.

  • Once the "Reconnect Instagram" prompt appears, click on the "Reconnect" button.

  • On the next screen, add your Instagram account and your Instagram password. Click "Log in".

  • Click "Allow" to give permission to Chatbooks to reconnect the photo source.

  • Your photo source is now reconnected.

  • Any missed photos will now be added to your series subscription and going forward new photos will also be added to your series.

If you have changed your Instagram handle, please contact our Customer Support team to help get a new re-authorization link. (See: How do I contact Chatbooks' Customer Service?)

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