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How do I change the cover image on my Monthbook?
How do I change the cover image on my Monthbook?

Follow these steps to change the image on your Monthbook cover.

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Here's how to change the cover image on your Monthbook.

For iOS:

  • On the My Books' tab of the Chatbooks' app, tap into the Subscription you want to edit.

  • Tap the Monthbook you are working on.

  • By the current cover, tap on the pencil icon to edit the cover.

  • On that screen, tap "Change Image".

  • Select the image from the current photos in your Monthbook that you want for your cover.

  • Tap "Use this photo."

You can also select the image you want for the cover following these steps:

  • Scroll through the current draft and tap on the image you want to use for the Cover.

  • Once you've selected that photo, click the 3 dots in the upper right-hand corner.

  • Tap "Use as Book Cover"

  • Crop if needed by adjusting the photo.

  • Tap "Apply Crop".

  • On the next screen, tap "OK" to continue

  • Then, tap "Done" to go back to the book.

  • Scroll back up in the Draft to review your Cover.

For iOS:

Video how-to on how to change your Monthbook cover:

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