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How will my Chatbooks Series billing change?
How will my Chatbooks Series billing change?
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Why is my Series billing changing?

  • As part of our ongoing commitment to provide you with the best possible service, we are implementing a more predictable billing plan for our products. This adjustment allows us to maintain the quality and reliability you've come to expect while ensuring greater transparency and ease of budgeting for you. Over the last few years, we learned that the way we can help strengthen your family is to print, reminisce, and relive your everyday memories on a regular and frequent basis. As a result, our mission of strengthening families has evolved into those everyday moments and snapshots that live in your camera roll. And we are going all-in on helping you get there. We’ve put years of work and innovation into this new version of Chatbooks and we hope you love it as much as we do.

What is the price?

  • The price of your Series remains the same as it is now. Each subscription charge is for one book.

What if I don’t make the switch?

  • You're welcome to continue enjoying your Series just as you have been until 07/31/2024. After that, you’ll lose access to printing new books. Eventually, reprinting your existing books will also be discontinued.

How is this different?

  • Instead of being charged each time your book goes to print, you'll be billed for book credits on a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly billing plan.

How do book credits work?

  • 1 book credit = 1 book

  • You can use book credits freely, simply keep creating books as you normally do. When you have an available book credit and a full book, we’ll automatically send it to print in 7 days. If you have 0 book credits, we will send your next queued book to print once the book credit becomes available.

  • You can print additional books anytime. If you don’t have an available book credit, please write into Support for assistance in adding a new credit. We will gladly assist you with that.

Will my book credits expire?

  • You have 13 months to redeem a book credit from the time of purchase before it expires.

Can I change my plan?

  • Absolutely, you have the flexibility to make changes to your plan whenever you wish. Simply navigate to your Series settings within the app to make the desired changes.

Can I pause or cancel?

  • You can cancel your Subscription at any time directly from your Series settings within the app. Tap on where you see "Active" in green, then tap "Deactivate" to cancel.

  • Although the option to pause isn't currently available in the app, you can reach out to Customer Support to pause your Series for one billing cycle.

Even more Billing Information HERE for you.

As always, please feel free to reach out to Customer Support if you have any specific questions. Here's how to contact Customer Support. We love to help!

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