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How can I refer my friends to Chatbooks?
How can I refer my friends to Chatbooks?

How to refer a friend to Chatbooks.

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You can refer a friend to Chatbooks by sending them your personalized referral code! Your referral code gives $10 off of a Chatbook order to friends and family, and earns you $10 credit each time your code is used! Simply do the following.
From your Chatbooks iOS App:

- Tap on your home screen
- Tap on the settings wheel in the upper right corner
- Scroll down and tap on Refer a Friend
- Tap to copy your shareable link
- Send via Instagram, SMS, Facebook, or Email

From your Android App:

- Tap on the Setting icon on the top right-hand corner
- Tap on My Credits
- You'll see a blue pop-up screen that says "Earn More Chatbooks Credit"
- Tap "Get my code". You'll then have the option of Text, email, or Copy.

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