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How does monthly subscription billing work for Monthbooks?
How does monthly subscription billing work for Monthbooks?
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Once you've chosen and created your Subscription, you'll have the option of choosing a Monthly Subscription or an Annual Subscription then tap "Subscribe".

The monthly Subscription is billed at the end of each month and the Annual Subscription is paid upfront. Once you've chosen your cover type, you can select how many books you want per year and tap on "Subscribe". You will then review your Subscription details such as the type of Subscription, Book Options (cover), Shipping Address, and Payment Method. If everything looks correct, tap "Yes, Subscribe".

You can then go back and start adding photos to your first Subscription Book. Once you have at least 30 photos added, you can tap the "Send to Print" and you will not be charged again.

Please note that for the Monthly Subscription, you'll be charged on the last day of the month. You can then add your 30 photos for that month and send to print when you're ready.

Your subscription will renew each month on the last day of the month. This charge is for that month’s book. For example, on August 31, your billed amount will be placed on your subscription as a credit to cover August’s book. ​​

You can approve and order your Monthbook any time during the month — and Chatbooks knows that your Monthbook has been paid for and will not charge you again once the book is sent to print.

You can check if the status of your subscription is active by tapping on the subscription, then clicking the dropdown menu next to Monthbooks at the top left to go to settings. You will see “active” in green. You can tap here to view your next payment date, and you can “deactivate subscription” if you need to pause it.

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