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How does billing work for Chatbooks Subscriptions?
How does billing work for Chatbooks Subscriptions?

Read below on how billing works for Chatbooks Subscriptions.

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We have a few different billing options available for all Chatbooks Subscribers. Your billing cadence will be customized based on your choice of Subscription type so you may choose what works best for you. They billing options include:

  • 4 books per year - billed either quarterly or annually

  • 6 books per year - billed either bi-monthly or annually

  • 12 books per year - billed monthly or annually

Should you choose to pay for all your books upfront with the Annual option, all of your Chatbooks will unlock so that you can fill them whenever you’d like. The Annual Subscription option will save you 10% upfront.

Once you have decided on and selected your billing option, you can then add your 30-60 photos for that month and send them to print when you’re ready. Your Subscription will renew on the last day of the month based on your selected billing cadence.

Subscription book credits expire 13 months from the purchase date. But you do have the option in our app to extend the expiration date if you are within 30 days of expiration and you need more time to get a book filled and sent to print.

You can approve and order your Subscription book any time during the month. If you have an available credit, you will not be charged for sending that book to print. If you don’t have an available credit, you can always buy an extra or add-on book and then proceed with sending the book to print.

Subscriptions are set to “auto-ship” by default. That means, if you have a book credit available and your book is full with 30 pages, it will automatically be sent to print. You will be notified and given 7 days to edit the book before it is sent to print automatically.

You can check if the status of your Subscription is active by tapping on the Subscription and then clicking the settings wheel next to the title of your Subscription at the top right. You will see “Active Subscription” at the top of the Main Subscription section in your settings if it’s active. Under that, you can tap on Manage Subscription to change your billing cadence and subscription type, and you can “Cancel subscription” if you so desire.

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