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Can I make a collage by adding more than one photo per page? (iOS)
Can I make a collage by adding more than one photo per page? (iOS)

How to make a collage for Monthbooks on iOS.

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Monthbooks have the ability to put 2 photos on one collage page. To create a collage:

  • Tap to open your Monthbook in the Chatbooks app

  • Open one of the photos you want in the collage

  • Tap on "2-image" on the far right

  • tap on the gray square where the second photo will go

  • Select which source you'd like to use for your photo and tap "Use this photo"

You can also crop your collage photos by tapping on the page, then clicking “edit collage”. From there, you can tap on the image to open it, crop and adjust as needed, and then tap “done”.


How to make a collage for your Monthbooks

For Classic books:

  • Open the Chatbooks app

  • Create a new project or choose an unfinished one

  • If you’re beginning a new project, pick all the photos you’d like and click the blue “add photos” bar at the bottom of the screen

  • On the next screen, tap the blue + box in the bottom right corner of your screen

  • Click “add photo collage”

  • Choose a collage layout

  • Choose your source, like “photos from book” to choose from the photos you’ve already added to your project

  • You can add a caption, date and location, or edit the collage when you click on the page (just tap to move photos around the collage layout)


How to make collage pages for Classic Books

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