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How and where are Chatbooks manufactured?
How and where are Chatbooks manufactured?
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We really appreciate your interest in the environment! We feel the same way about preserving the planet and take many precautions to produce a quality product while treating the earth as gently as possible. Chatbooks has ensured that the mill we source our paper from has a manufacturing process that is held to the highest standards regarding sustainability, environmental impact, and social responsibility. Garda Coated Papers are manufactured by Lecta, a mill firmly committed to sustainability. Garda Coated Papers have obtained the strictest environmental management and quality certifications, thus minimizing their impact on the environment. Lecta’s manufacturing sites hold ISO 9001 quality certification, ISO 14001 and EMAS environmental management certifications, as well as ISO 50001 energy management certification. Furthermore, the mill is able to guarantee the sustainable origin of the wood used to manufacture Garda, in strict compliance with established Timber Regulations, FSC® and PEFC chain of custody standards. This offers the end user maximum credibility and transparency in wood sourcing and manufacturing operations. For our US customers, our Chatbooks are all manufactured here in the US. We also have manufacturers located in Canada and Australia. Our manufacturers have built their practices around sustainability because they understand that it is cost-effective and critical to the health of our environment. Their four areas of focus include: 1) Resource Efficiency: They identify measure and improve how they use energy, raw materials, water, and other resources.2) Procurement: They help our supply chain adopt sustainable practices while guiding clients in choosing sustainable options, including the use of increased certified and/or recycled content in paper-based materials used.3) Waste Minimization: They reduce, reuse, and recycle in all of their facilities.4) Stewardship: They find, learn, and share best practices while demonstrating their commitment to sustainability. Additionally, our manufacturers are exemplary with programs for diversity and inclusion, education and training, community support, ethics, and compliance. Together we take such action, not because we must, but simply because we care. We want to create positive results in the world, and we are given choices and opportunities to make a difference. For more information, please refer to: Thanks again for reaching out with such an important question. We’re thrilled to know you care.

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